Past Events

Are you starting spring cleaning?
Have you stuff you don't want or need?

Bellevue Historical Society will be holding the annual garage sale. On May 18th and 19th
Are you starting that spring cleaning? Have stuff you don't need or want?  Donate!
So yes we are anxiously willing to take your donations for our fundraiser.

Any items donated will not be returned if not sold. All funds raised will be going to the restoration project of the Tremont House.

For drop off arrangements contact any board member or call Jeannie at 419-483-5789 between 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon. - Fri   Sorry NO clothing!

Hours:  May 18th  (10am - 5pm)
May 19th (10am - 3pm)

Location:  (Previous) Pattens Market on US 20 just 3 miles west of Bellevue on the north side of the road.

Follow-Up to Our Garage Sale

2018 Garage Sale was a huge sucess and no in the history books.
THANKS to Marge, Beth and Lee for letting us take advantage of the perfect location for the sale
THANKS to those that volunteered to set up/work
THANKS to those that came and shopped at the BHS annual garage sale.
Could not have been done it without each of you. So we move closer to the next phase of the restoration project of the Tremont House.
Thank you each and everyone of you.