In 2002, the Bellevue Historical Society purchased The Tremont House at 101 E. Main Street (formerly Leanard's Pharmacy).  Since then, much work as been done to stabilize and reinforce the building. Much of this work as not been visible to passerby, but the work was necessary.  Eventually, The Tremont House will house the Society's sollection of Bellevue artifacts and memorabilia and be opened as a museum.  During the constraction process, most of these items have been placed in storage.

At last, the Society is proceeding with a big phase of the renovation - the restoration of the facade to it's orginal 1846 appearance.  The second and thrid floor porches will be restored, all windows will be replaced with 6-over-6 paned windows like the originals and, most difficult and eye opening of all, the first floor facade will be restored to it's original configuration.  Permier Construction of Norwalk has been contracted for this work and architect John Feick of Sandusky is doing the drawings needed for necessary approvals.


Bellevue Historical Society's Limited Edition Cat Meow

Bellevue Central High School

This building was used as the Central (Bellevue) High School from 1928 to 1963.  It has been used as the Bellevue Middle School from 1963 to 2012 and was demolished in 2013.
For those in the Bellevue area, books may be purchased at:  Hunters Needs, 1831 W Main St  (Route 20 West) Bellevue, OH 44811   419-483-5789

COST:  $17.00 plus tax

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Bellevue Historical Society's Limited Edition Cat Meow
Historical Landmark, Tremont House

Built in 1846 and opened by Loel and Samuel B. Chandler to serve stagecoach traffic on the Maumee Pike (U.S. Route 20).  Briefly a hotel, this landmark has housed grocery and hardware stores, pharmacy and cigar factor.  The third floor ballroom hosted many events as well.  The buildings west side is on the western boundary of the Firelands region of the Connecticut Western Reserve.   Also, this is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.
For those in the Bellevue area, books may be purchased at:  Hunters Needs, 1831 W Main St  (Route 20 West) Bellevue, OH 44811   419-483-5789

COST: $20.00

Also available to order online and have shipped.


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Hunters Needs, 1831 W Main St, Bellevue, OH 44811


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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 2022, 7:00 P.M.

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, Society President John Miller welcomed 37 members and guests and called the 2022 Annual Meeting to order shortly after 7 p.m. at Providence Baptist Church on Gardner Road.

SECRETARY’S REPORT. Secretary Patricia Custer noted there were no previous minutes to approve because the 2020 and 2021 annual meetings had been canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

TREASURER’S REPORT was approved as presented by Treasurer Mary Mitchell.


With the assistance of the various event and committee chairs, Vice President Larry Claus presented a Power Point highlighting the Society’s activities of 2021. Jeannie Gore talked about the chicken dinner and sunflower sale. Mary Mitchell remarked about the garage sale, Scout walk, and cemetery walk. Pat Custer talked about the Mobile Museum.

Alicia Robles updated members on the Tremont House renovation and our project goals for 2022. She also announced upcoming special events for 2022.

Pat Custer talked about item collections and the Annex organization, with special thanks to intern Jared Schnee. Pat also explained to the crowd what our ongoing volunteer needs are.

John Miller then conducted the election of the 2022 board members. Current Board members Larry Claus, Pat Custer, Jeannie Gore, Mary Mitchell, and Alicia Robles were reelected to two-year terms, to expire in 2024 (Larry Gardner 1st, Melissa Creston 2nd). New director Beth Patten-Bailey was nominated from the floor and elected for a one-year term per our bylaws (Jeannie Gore 1st, Mary Mitchell 2nd). The following slate of officers for 2022 was approved as presented (Melissa Creston 1st, Mary Magyar 2nd): President Jeannie Gore, Vice President Alicia Robles, Treasurer Mary Mitchell, and Secretary Pat Custer. Another current Director, Dale Hoffman, and outgoing director Mary Shelley were unable to be present tonight.

As outgoing president, John Miller then adjourned the business meeting. Larry Claus introduced our speaker, Larry Michaels, who gave an interesting presentation titled Bellevue, Then and Now. Following the speaker, Jeannie Gore raffled off the door prize which was a Bellevue plaque that had been purchased from the Firelands Historical Society and donated by one of our members, Rita Dever. Jeannie thanked everyone for coming, whereupon we were all invited to enjoy light refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Custer, Secretary


Annual Tremont House Fundraiser Chicken Dinner
The restoration process of our grand 1846 lady, The Tremont House has continued, however we still need to keep the funding coming in to help reach our goals. 
The Bellevue Historical Society group it hosting the mouthwatering, lip smackin' 1/2 Chicken Dinner with Baked Potato, Green Beans, Roll and Butter.  Utensils, napkin, salt & pepper, butter and sour cream are included.

Pick up on Sunday, June 12th from 11am - 1pm or until we run out
Please read the flyer below for all the details and we hope you all take the opportunity on Sunday to stay out of the kitchen, stop by to pick up your dinner and perhaps go on a picnic.

  • All Pre-Paid Orders will be automatically entered into our Raffle Basket drawing.   
  • All Pre-Paid Orders must be submitted by June 9th.


It's our Annual Sunflower Sale Fundraising Event!

WHEN:  Saturday, July 23, 2022
HOURS:  9am - or until we run out
LOCATION:  108 N. West Street - Bellevue, OH

Beginning at 9:00am, bright and happy Sunflowers will be available for purchase by the stem or a stunning prearranged vase with sunflowers accented with beautiful lush greenery.

Due to the success last year, we are offering PrePay Order once again so you don't miss out.

- Direct prepay orders, please call Jeannie Gore at 419-483-5789 with your credit card information.
- PayPal prepay orders can be done below by selecting your size of flower arrangment in the drop down menu.

Sunflower Arrangement Options

Purchases can be made in

  • $15.00  (3 Sunflowers in Vase with Greenery)
  • $25.00  (5 Sunflowers in Vase with Greenery)
  • $35.00  (7 Sunflowers in Vase with Greenery)

Please Note: All presale orders need to be completed by Friday. July 16th at 8:00 p.m. 

Thank you for supporting the Bellevue Historical Society and the Restoration Project of the Tremont