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 The Tremont House Restoration Project is on the move.
Watch as we post photos of our progress.

 The wall you see being installed in the photos will be the new south exterior walls for the Tremont House.

sept13 4
sept13 2
sept13 3
sept13 1


Due to the great support of the strength of steel the Tremont House will stand 100 more years.  Thanks to Thomas Steel Inc. of Bellevue, for their support in many ways. The knowledge and experience the company has shown and given to the Bellevue Historical Society for the Tremont House Restoration Project is above and beyond.

progress july31 2016 dominic
aug31 7
aug31 2
aug31 5
aug31 3
aug31 4
aug31 6
aug31 1


We would like to sincerely thank Capital Aluminum and Glass Corporation of Bellevue, for donating the 6 over 6 windows for the Tremont House.  Your generosity is truly appreciated and the new windows and glass will help us see a very clear path to the Tremont House Restoration Project.

windows stacked-and-ready
new windows
20160721 082847
new windows installed
windows frames out

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