Notable Residents


Bellevue has a long list of famous and influential residents ranging from Admirals to billionaire entrepreneurs and on to both famous and infamous broadcast personalities. Here are some of Bellevue's most notable residents


  • Henry Morrison Flagler - Standard Oil tycoon, developer of Eastern Florida and "Father of Miami", began his business career in Bellevue in the 1840s
  • Stephen V. Harkness - who invested as a silent partner with Henry Morrison Flagler and oil titan John D. Rockefeller, Sr.  to found Standard Oil. Stephen's son Lamon V. Harkness was born in Bellevue and was a "Standard Oil Heir" from the Harkness investments in Standard Oil
  • Daniel M. Harkness, half brother of both Henry Flagler and Stephen V. Harkness was an investor in Standard Oil. He was Bellevue's weathiest long term resident.
  • William L. Harkness, son of Daniel M. Harkness and "Standard Oil Heir" was born in Bellevue
  • Cheryl Krueger - the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Cheryl & Co. aka "Cheryl's Cookies".
  • Amos E. Northup - Automotive designer

Military Service

  • Vice Admiral John W. Greenslade (Class of 1895) - Vice Admiral & U.S. Commander of the Pacific-Southern Naval Coastal Frontier during World War II
  • Arthur F. Gorham - Commander of the 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II; twice awarded the Distinguished Service Cross the nation's second highest award for bravery
  • Howard L. Vickery - Rear Admiral Howard Vickery, Vice Chairman U.S. Maritime Commission during World War II




  • Mildred Gillars (Attended Bellevue High School from 1913 to 1916) - Radio personality during World War II, best known for propaganda broadcasts for Nazi Germany; also known as Axis Sally
  • Brittany Binger - June 2007 Playboy Playmate and International Model

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